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eTA can be used for tourism, transit, and business purposes

Kenya's eTA To Make Exploring Easy & Affordable in 2024

Are you planning a trip to Kenya soon? Starting in January 2024, President William Ruto has initiated a significant change for travelers: the traditional visa process is being simplified. All nationalities will now benefit from a more efficient, electronic travel authorization (eTA) system, streamlining your Kenyan adventure.

Why Should You Visit Kenya?

Be one with nature and discover seven unique World Heritage sites of Kenya. The picturesque leaves travelers in awe of their natural resources and out-of-this-world tourist spots - The old town of Lamu, ruins of Thimlich Ohinga, Fort Jesus, and many more! Currently, there are a hundred operational wildlife conservancies in the country, available for public and private viewing. Kenya aims to maintain a healthy wildlife ecosystem in all safari and national parks while promoting local and international tourism.

What are Kenya eTA Requirements?

Eligible citizens can apply for Kenya eTA if they fulfil the following requirements.

  • Upon the intended travel date, passport validity should be at least 6 months
  • A clear photograph of the passport’s biodata page
  • A clear image of the applicant
  • Proof of accommodation in Kenya - Hotel bookings
  • Contact details
  • Apple pay, credit card, debit card or other means of payment
  • The additional requirement must be in PDF, Word, or JPG format.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kindly check the page for Kenya eTA additional documents in each type.

Standard Photo Requirement

  • Applicants must not take a selfie, take a photograph, or scan the photo in their passport.
  • Applicants should submit a photo taken within six months. The image must show the current appearance of the traveller.
  • The photo must be clear and coloured.
  • The photo must have no filters or any computer alterations.
  • The photo must not have any defects or damage.
  • The background should be off-white or plain white, and no digital alterations.
  • Wearing eyeglasses, a hat or head covering or anything else that obscures parts of your face is strictly prohibited. Exceptions are for individuals who wear head coverings for medical and religious purposes.
  • The applicant must wear ordinary attire. Uniforms and costumes are not applicable. Religious clothes worn daily are the only exception.
  • Applicants who wear prescription glasses, hearing aid devices, a wig, or similar accessories also have exemptions.
  • There is no exemption for nonprescription glasses with tinted or dark glasses unless the applicant must wear these accessories for medical reasons. A medical certificate may be required.

Get Started with eTA Online

Visitors to the Republic of Kenya can now apply for their electronic travel authorisations in a simple, secure, and convenient way. It's a 3 step process.

Kenya eTA Extension

The Kenya eTA Extension is issued to travellers who need more days after consuming the initial period stated on their eTA. They may renew their electronic travel authorisation at Nairobi Immigration Headquarters for another ninety (90) days. Travellers may apply for renewal two weeks before the current eTA expires. The only individuals who can avail of the extension are the visitors who arrived in Kenya and currently possess all the necessary documents.


  • Existing Visitor’s pass
  • Passport Copy
  • Fill Out the Online Application Form

How to apply for Kenyan eTA?

Eligible nationals can quickly apply online for an eTA to Kenya. Some quick and simple steps to process your application:

  1. Click Kenya eTA Application
  2. Select the Type of Kenya eTA suitable for the visit
  3. Complete the Kenya eTA Application Form with accurate and complete information
  4. Pay the fee using a credit card or other online payment option.
  5. Receive progressive updates about the status of the application.
  6. Wait for an email confirmation. You can download your eTA to Kenya and print it. Travellers may present it to border authorities upon arrival in Kenya.


  • The Republic of Kenya requires eTA for all travellers before border entry.
  • The Kenyan eTA application fee is non-refundable.
  • Applications must have complete and accurate information.
  • Obtaining an eTA is not the final evaluation and does not guarantee successful entry into the Republic of Kenya. Kenyan border authorities have all the rights to deny entry.
  • Processing of eTA may take one to two business days.
  • Parents/Guardians may submit eTA applications for minors in a joint submission.

Checking Application Status

Applicants who have successfully submitted their form may track their eTA application by following the instructions below:

  • Input the Document Number – Upon successful submission online, the applicant will get their “Document number."
  • Application Number

Applicants will receive a notification of the progress of the eTA application.

Who is eligible to apply for a Kenya eTA?

Foreign nationals travelling to Kenya must apply for an eTA. As of January 1, 2024, Kenya transitioned from a visa-issuing nation to an electronic travel authorisation issuing nation. The Government of Kenya took a huge step toward service digitalization, in line with its goal to give a better service to travellers entering their borders.

Travellers from any country with a passport that is valid for a minimum of six months beyond their intended arrival date in Kenya and has at least one unmarked page available are eligible to apply for electronic travel authorisation to Kenya.

Travelers from the following countries are eligible to apply for Kenya eTA:

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Kenya eTA Entry Ports

The eTA is eligible at the following ports of entry:

Kenya Airports Kenya Land Borders Kenya Sea Ports
Eldoret International Airport Isebania Kilindini
Garisa Airstrip Liboi Kisumu
Jomo Kenyatta Airport Loitokitok Kuinga
Kisumu Airport Lungalunga Lamu
Lamu Airport Malaba Malindi
Lokichogio Airport Mandera Mbita Point
Malindi Airport Moyale Muhuru Bay
Moi Airport Nadapal Old Port
Wajir International Airport Namanga Shimoni
Wilson Airport Taveta Vanga

Documents You Need to Present at the Kenya Port of Entry:

When you show up at any port of entry in Kenya, you will have to present the border control officials with your eTA that authorises you to enter the country.

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The processing time varies, but it's generally quicker than traditional visa applications.

No, the eTA does not allow for multiple entries into Kenya. For each visit, you have to apply for a new Kenyan eTA.

An eTA, or Electronic Travel Authorization, is a required travel document for visitors to Kenya. It is a form of pre-approval from the Kenyan government for entering the country. Most travellers, including tourists, business visitors, and some short-term students, need an eTA before they arrive in Kenya.

Applications for an eTA to Kenya must be made through the official government website. The process involves filling out an online application form, providing necessary personal and travel details, and paying a processing fee. Once completed, the application will be reviewed by the Directorate of Immigration Services.

Applicants need to provide personal details such as their full name, date of birth, and passport information. Additional details include travel plans, such as dates and places of stay in Kenya, and possibly some health-related information. It's essential to ensure that all the information provided is accurate and up-to-date.

The processing time for an eTA can vary but is typically within a few days. Applicants should apply well in advance of their travel date to avoid any delays. Once issued, an eTA is generally valid for a specific period, which will be indicated on the authorization. Travellers must enter Kenya before the eTA expires.

If an eTA application is denied, the applicant will receive a notification with the reason for the denial. Applicants can review the denial reason, correct any errors or provide additional information if necessary, and reapply. It's crucial to address all the issues that led to the initial denial of the new application.

Yes, airport staff can check the status of a submitted eTA application. Travellers or their representatives can provide the application reference number to airport staff, who can then verify the current status of the application, including approvals or pending requests.

Applying through the official government website ensures the security and validity of your application. It guarantees that personal information is handled according to the privacy policy and terms and conditions set by the Kenyan government. Additionally, the official website provides accurate and up-to-date information about the eTA application process.

Yes, it is safe. The official eTA application website for Kenya is secure and managed by the Ministry of Interior and National Administration. It adheres to strict privacy policies to protect personal information. Users should always ensure they are on the official site before submitting any personal details.

Yes, applicants should review the terms and conditions available on the official eTA application website. These include guidelines on the correct use of the eTA, stipulations regarding the validity of the document, and conditions under which the eTA can be revoked or deemed invalid.

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