Courtesy Entry Visa Kenya

Kenya offers an electronic visa facility for the broadest range of travel purposes. It facilitates the largest number of travelers wishing to visit the country for investment, business, tourism, study, or work purposes. However, the requirements for each Kenya visa differ significantly. Foreign nationals holding a special status, such as holders of service or diplomatic passports, can also enter Kenya, but their requirements for a visa are entirely different from other travelers. That’s because they would need a courtesy entry e-visa. It is an exclusive visa category offered to any foreign government official or a foreign, federal agency member and organization. On this page, you will get all the information on a courtesy entry e-visa.

Who is Granted Courtesy Entry?

Kenyan courtesy entry visa is issued to Official, Diplomatic, and Service passport holders arriving in Kenya on official assignments or duties. Ordinary passport holders may also be issued if the Director General considers them to qualify for international courtesy.

Remember that it is a non-immigrant visa issued to foreign officials holding a special position who need to visit Kenya for official work. Applicants can apply with their diplomatic passports online and obtain the visa without hassle. It is a wonderful option for diplomatic missions and government official visits. Being granted the Kenya courtesy entry visa is considered an honor.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must hold a diplomatic, service, or official passport.
  • Applicants who meet the following criteria can apply for a Kenya courtesy entry visa.
  • They hold a special position.
  • Applicants need to visit for official work. Or they have a valid reason to visit Kenya.
  • Diplomats needing to board connecting flights to another destination can apply for this visa.
  • Government officials who don’t hold diplomatic passports and need to visit Kenya for government duties.

Documents Required for Courtesy Entry Visa

  • Valid special or official passport with six months of validity left.
  • A valid official letter from their organization, country of origin, or ministry of foreign affairs.
  • A return or onward ticket in case of staying in Kenya or a boarding pass/ticket for those looking for transit.

Courtesy Visa Validity and Extension

The Kenya courtesy entry visa is valid for ninety (90) days from the date the visa is issued. Expats holding this visa can stay in the country for three months. If they need to stay longer, they are also allowed to apply for a visa extension. Their visa validity can be extended to ninety (90) more days to allow them to complete their assignment. They need to submit the visa extension form to the Kenyan immigration department while staying in the country and before the expiration of their visa.

Courtesy Entry Visa Cost

If you hold a diplomatic or service passport, you don’t need to pay a fee for the courtesy entry visa.

Kenya Courtesy Entry Visa Application Form

This visa is issued to foreign nationals having service or diplomatic passports. They can obtain the visa form from this website and fill out all the fields. All the questions should be answered. The applicant will need to attach digital scans of the required documents. Since there is no visa fee, the application can be submitted once all the steps are completed.

Points to Remember

Please cross-check the information from the passport to avoid mismatches or inaccuracies. Follow the instructions properly and make sure you meet the eligibility criteria.

After you receive the visa, please take a printout to avoid unnecessary delays after arriving at a Kenyan port of entry.

The immigration officials would verify the passport’s validity and authenticity against the approved courtesy entry visa. If no discrepancies are found, the visitor will be allowed to enter the country. If you have the visa’s printed copy on hand, this process will be expedited, and you can get entry permission quickly.

Necessary Documents to Upload with the Application

When applying for the courtesy entry visa, you will upload documents in JPEG, PDF, or MS Word format.

The main travel document would be your passport. A diplomatic, service or official passport is required to obtain this visa. However, if the visitor holds an ordinary passport but needs to travel to Kenya for official duty or work, they can apply for this visa.

The applicant will also upload a passport-size photograph when applying for the courtesy visa. This photo must be clear, recent, taken against a plain white background, and the applicant’s full front facial view must be visible without blurring. Headgear and prescription specs are allowed on specific conditions. Such as, if it is a religious obligation, the applicant can upload a photo in headgear. Similarly, only those who wear prescription glasses can wear them for the photo. Sunglasses and anything that can alter the person’s appearance or hide their features would render the photograph invalid for submission.

A Yellow Vaccination Certificate scan will be required.

An official letter detailing the nature of official work and why the applicant is visiting Kenya.

A return or onward flight ticket.

Processing Time of Courtesy Entry Visa

The courtesy visa is processed within 3 business days. But, the processing time may be longer if the application does not match the information on the passport or if the applicant forgot to attach a required document.s

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The courtesy entry e-visa is issued as a single-entry or multiple-entry travel authorization. If you do not need to enter Kenya repeatedly, it is advised to apply for a single-entry visa. On the other hand, if the nature of your official assignment is such that you may need to visit repeatedly, a multiple-entry courtesy entry visa would be ideal for you.

This is a special type of visa issued to foreign nationals invited by government sector institutions to carry out official duties or assignments that are of some interest to the State. It is granted to official, service, and diplomatic passport holders, but in some cases, it can be issued to ordinary passport holders if they want to visit Kenya for official work.

Courtesy entry visa in Kenya is only issued to diplomats and government officials. The government of Kenya doesn’t offer this visa to family members of diplomatic passport holders. This visa only applies to those needing to visit Kenya to complete official duties.

It is not permitted for courtesy visa holders to participate in business activities or seem employment in Kenya. This visa is only offered to people employed by a foreign government and assigned a special task to be completed in Kenya.



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