Kenya eVisa for Minors

When traveling with family, it becomes a compulsion to think about applying for a visa for children. Kenya has offered specific requirements regarding children visas. It is important to adhere to the entry requirements when visiting Kenya with minors.

It is worth nothing that the Kenya e-visa for children depends upon their nationality and age. One of the following categories could apply here:

  • No need for a visa
  • Must obtain a Kenya eVisa
  • Consult an embassy of Kenya for visa

Who Doesn’t Require a Visa to Enter Kenya?

Children under 16 do not require a child visa to enter Kenya. They may enter the country with a valid travel document, such as a passport, and do not need to produce a valid visa.

Kenya e-Visa requirement for children above 16:

Visa requirements for minor kids based on Nationality:

Currently, Kenya doesn't require a visa for citizens of about 40 countries. They can visit the country without an official Kenyan travel permit. This means Kenya does not require visas for travelers aged 16 and older from these countries.

Who need to apply for a Kenya e-visa?

Children above 16 years of age who don’t belong to any of the 40 countries need to apply for the e-visa before traveling to Kenya. They will need the following to apply for a visa online:

  • Valid passport
  • Email address
  • A credit or debit card

Who Will Pay the Minor’s Visa Fee?

Parents of minors may pay for the child’s visa fee using their personal email addresses.

How can children apply for Kenya eVisa?

Children can easily go to Kenya without a visa. If they are citizens of an eligible nation and are older than 16 and require a visa to enter Kenya, they can apply for an eVisa online. The Kenya eVisa application form only requires applicants to enter their basic personal information, such as:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Parents name
  • Nationality
  • Travel information

Once the required information is filled out, the visa fee may be safely paid online using a debit or credit card. The traveler's email address is then used to send them their Kenya-approved eVisa. Upon arrival in Kenya, a printed copy must be shown to immigration officials.

In case you opt to apply through an embassy, remember that according to Kenya embassy regulations for child visas, the applicant must physically visit a diplomatic government office to apply. The minor must travel with an accompanying adult, their passport, and any necessary supporting documents.

Time Involved in Kenya e-Visa Processing:

Although the Kenya eVisa can be approved in as little as 24 hours, applicants are urged to give themselves at least two working days to prevent processing delays.

Processing times for Kenyan embassy visas are lengthier. Travelers should confirm the embassy's anticipated approval time before applying for a Kenya visa through a diplomatic government agency. This may occasionally take several weeks.

Required Documents:

The following is necessary for anyone traveling with a minor to Kenya:

  • They must hold a passport valid for the next six months (if do not have visa exemption).
  • Approved Visa (if applicable).
  • If the child is not traveling with both parents, a permission letter from the absent parent is required.

Note: There are strict immigration regulations for specific situations to prevent children from traveling without permission.

Is Kenya a secure place for kids?

For travelers of all ages, Kenya is a very safe place. Tourist crime is infrequent, so following a few basic safety practices (such as keeping your belongings close in public areas and avoiding walking alone in the dark, high-risk regions at night) will ensure a smooth and trouble-free trip.

Motion sickness is the only issue you might experience while riding in a safari vehicle. Some parents avoid public transportation in large cities because it can be hectic. Get immunizations and health advice for Kenya in advance from a doctor. Remember that children under the age of 12 should not take malaria medications.

Where to Travel with Children in Kenya:

There are many kid-friendly destinations in Kenya, which will gratify foreign tourists who are unsure where to travel with their kids.

Kenya has enough to offer to ensure a fun and exciting trip abroad, regardless of whether you choose a Kenya family vacation package or are more of a DIY planner.

Masai Mara and Western Kenya: a Kenyan Safari with Children:

The entire family is sure to have a life-changing experience on a safari in the Masai Mari region. Kids will fall in love with animals and nature due to the magnificent and well-known wildebeest migration (which takes place from July to October), creating a memory they will cherish for years to come.

Kenya's safari lodging is excellent for families with young children. It's simple to add an extra bed, and most lodges offer plenty of space indoors and outdoors for kids to play.

Beach vacations for families in Kenya: Lamu and Diani:

The Kenyan coast offers a long stretch of beautiful beaches and clear waters, but families are especially drawn to Lamu because of the area's calm and friendly atmosphere.

On the other hand, Diani on the south coast has a tone of kid-friendly activities and is very kid-friendly.

You might wish to introduce your kids to snorkeling and take them on a day tour in a dhow, a traditional Kenyan sailing vessel, depending on their age.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Children up to and including 15 years are exempt from visa requirements. However, they need to have a passport that is valid for at least another six months after their arrival. Those older than 16 years of age must get a visa to enter Kenya.

The process of obtaining an e-visa is simpler than a sticker visa. Simply visit the visa form page, fill out all the fields, upload scans or images of the required travel documents, and pay the visa fees. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes and the visa is issued within three business days if the information is authentic and verified successfully.

An e-visa is valid for a maximum duration of 6 months whereas it has a stay validity of 90 days or three months.

The e-visa costs around $$ This will include a mandatory service fee. Please remember that the visa fee is non-refundable. If the visa is not approved due to some issue with your application form, you cannot seek reimbursement of the visa fee.


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