Kenya eTA for Minors

When travelling with family, it becomes a compulsion to consider applying for an eTA for children. Kenya has offered specific requirements regarding children's eTAs. It is important to adhere to the entry requirements when visiting Kenya with minors.

It is worth noting that the Kenya eTA for children depends upon their nationality and age. In addition to an eTA, minors (including children and infants) must have passports with six months validity after their planned arrival date in Kenya. The passports should also have at least one blank page.The officials encourage the applicants travelling with their kids should apply as a group for Kenya eTA.

Who Doesn’t Require an eTA to Enter Kenya?

Apart from citizens of the East African Partner States, everyone will require an eTA to enter Kenya. Minors below 18 should also have an eTA to enter Kenya and valid passports.

Who Will Pay the Minor’s eTA Fee?

Parents of minors may pay for the child’s eTA fee using their personal email addresses.

How can children apply for Kenya eTA?

The Kenya eTA application process for children does not differ from the usual eTA application process. Children applying for Kenya eTA must have the following documents handy during the application process:

  • Passport Validity: They must ensure their passport is valid for at least six months beyond their planned arrival date. Also, it should have at least one blank page available for any necessary stamps upon entry and exit.
  • Photograph for Identification: A recent passport-type photo or a clear selfie will be useful for identification purposes and any official documents they may need to fill out. A digital version stored on the phone can also be handy.
  • Contact Information: Contact information, including email address and phone number, should be easily accessible. 
  • Travel Itinerary Details: Have a clear plan of arrival and departure from Kenya. This includes flight details, dates, and times. Keeping a digital copy of the itinerary on the phone or a printed copy can be incredibly helpful.
  • Accommodation Confirmation: Before travelling, children must have their accommodation bookings confirmed. Whether they are staying at a hotel, a guest house, or a rented apartment, confirming the booking is crucial. This often needs to be presented at immigration and is useful in planning local travel.
  • Payment Methods: It’s wise to have multiple payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, and digital payment options like Apple Pay. Various payment methods ensure they will be covered in places that may not accept certain types of payments.

Also, based on different Kenyan eTA types, children must produce the following documents:

Purpose of Visit

Additional Documents to be Produced


  • Letter and/or appointment letter from the referring doctor/hospital

Family visits

  • Invitation letter from family/host
  • Identity card / Passport / Alien card / Entry permit of the family member/host

Religious visit

No additional documents required


No additional documents required if intended on staying within the airport premises

Time Involved in Kenya eTA Processing:

Although the Kenya eTA can be approved in as little as 24 hours, applicants are urged to give themselves at least three working days to prevent processing delays. 

Is Kenya a secure place for kids?

For travellers of all ages, Kenya is a very safe place. Tourist crime is infrequent, so following a few basic safety practices (such as keeping your belongings close in public areas and avoiding walking alone in the dark, high-risk regions at night) will ensure a smooth and trouble-free trip.

Motion sickness is the only issue you might experience while riding in a safari vehicle. Some parents avoid public transportation in large cities because it can be hectic. Get immunisations and health advice for Kenya in advance from a doctor.

Where to Travel with Children in Kenya:

There are many kid-friendly destinations in Kenya, which will gratify foreign tourists who are unsure where to travel with their kids.

Kenya has enough to offer to ensure a fun and exciting trip abroad, regardless of whether you choose a Kenya family vacation package or are more of a DIY planner.

Masai Mara and Western Kenya: a Kenyan Safari with Children:

The entire family is sure to have a life-changing experience on a safari in the Masai Mari region. Kids will fall in love with animals and nature due to the magnificent and well-known wildebeest migration (from July to October), creating a memory they will cherish for years to come.

Kenya's safari lodging is excellent for families with young children. It's simple to add an extra bed, and most lodges offer plenty of space indoors and outdoors for kids to play.

Beach vacations for families in Kenya: Lamu and Diani:

The Kenyan coast offers a long stretch of beautiful beaches and clear waters, but families are especially drawn to Lamu because of the area's calm and friendly atmosphere.

On the other hand, Diani on the south coast has a tone of kid-friendly activities and is very kid-friendly.

You might wish to introduce your kids to snorkelling and take them on a day tour in a dhow, a traditional Kenyan sailing vessel, depending on their age.


The Kenya eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a necessary travel document for foreign visitors entering Kenya. Minors, including infants, need an eTA. This requirement applies regardless of the child's nationality, ensuring all minors entering Kenya have valid travel authorisation.

Minors applying for a Kenya eTA must have a passport valid for at least six months beyond their intended date of arrival in Kenya. Additionally, the passport should have at least one blank page for stamps. This is a crucial requirement for the application process and entry into the country.

Minors from any country are not exempted from the visa requirement (except East African Partner States). They can apply for a Kenya eTA online. The application requires personal information like full name, date of birth, nationality, parents' names, and travel details. Documents needed include a valid passport, a recent photo, a travel itinerary, accommodation confirmation, and a means of payment for the application fee.

Yes, in cases where a child is travelling with one parent or a guardian, carrying a permission letter from the absent parent is mandatory. This is a part of Kenya's stringent immigration rules to prevent unauthorised child travel. It's advisable to have this document to avoid any complications at the point of entry.

The processing time for a Kenya eTA can be as little as 24 hours, but applying at least three working days in advance is recommended to account for any delays. Kenya is generally a safe destination for children. However, standard safety practices should be followed, like keeping belongings secure and avoiding travel in high-risk areas at night. Precautionary health measures, like vaccinations, are also advised.

Kenya offers several family-friendly destinations. The Masai Mara is ideal for a safari experience, especially during the wildebeest migration. Kenya's coastline, particularly Lamu and Diani, is perfect for beach vacations with activities like snorkelling and dhow tours. These locations offer a mix of adventure and relaxation suitable for children and families.



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