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East Africa is the region of Africa that lies east of and surrounds the Great Rift Valley, a landform that stretches from the Red Sea in the north to the Mozambique Channel in the southeast. East Africa offers a variety of experiences ranging from world-beating safaris, captivating and rich cultures, exotic beaches, and breathtaking landscapes. You will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience here with perfect adventure guaranteed. These sceneries are worth visiting once in a lifetime. Mount Kilimanjaro, Axum, and Lalibela are one of the most famous destinations in east Africa you must visit. However, you need to have a eTA to visit East African Countries. Here is a guide on how to get your eTA and check out your east African trip from the traveling bucket list.

About Tourist eTA East Africa

With a tourist eTA, the visitor is only permitted to visit Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. The introduction of this eTA is the result of a concerted attempt by the heads of state of the member nations to promote regional travel and provide visitors with more possibilities to see East Africa's diversity. It may be used for multiple-time tourism. The eTA is exclusively provided for travel and excludes traveling for employment.

Validity of East African eTA:

The eTA is only valid for 90 days and cannot be renewed after it expires or after leaving the block (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda). For foreign travelers, it is advised to apply at least 6 days before traveling. After approval, the eTA must be used within three months.

Note: This eTA is only valid for multiple entries within the bloc. In case of arrival to Uganda and leaving for Europe after 14 days, this eTA will not be valid anymore.

Types of tourist eTA:

An East Africa eTA for tourism purposes is only a single kind. It permits tourist travel in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. Following are the characteristics to apply for the electronic eTA:

  1. May only be used for tourism in Rwanda and Kenya and enables travel to Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya (this includes family visits.)
  2. The electronic eTA is valid for both business and travel in Uganda (like signing contracts, attending conferences, or a meeting.)
  3. Has multiple entries to all three countries.

How to get the eTA?

Tourists can acquire this eTA online. This process only takes a few minutes and steps to complete. The applicant has to go through the following steps:

  1. Enter the requested information, including your name, email address, and passport information. Depending on your needs, choose the processing time that you like.
  2. Check your application to make sure all the information is entered accurately. Pay the eTA costs for further processing of the application.
  3. Confirm your application after uploading the required data, including your passport photo.

Typically, the eTA is electronically connected to your passport. It is advised that you print the certification of your authorized eTA so you may provide it to border officials if needed.

Required documents for application:

To apply for eTA, you must possess the following documents and information:

  1. A valid passport issued by a eTA-eligible country
  2. A copy of your passport cover is needed.
  3. Applicant picture, preferably with white background
  4. Documents that prove your purpose for visit
  5. Proof for hotel bookings
  6. All necessary information about return ticket.

Fee for eTA:

The fee for a tourist eTA is kept as low as 100 USD. If you apply for eTA from these countries individually, it will cost around $55, making almost $160+ for all the countries. Visitors must keep in mind that this fee is for traveling in all the bloc in 90 days. Foreign applicants do not have to pay any extra fees and can apply for the eTA Online through the eTA issuing portal.

*Please note that this eTA fee is nonrefundable and cannot be claimed by an applicant once applied.

Lists of countries eligible for the eTA:

Countries around the world are quite selective when it comes to the nationalities of applicants applying for tourist eTA. However, the East African eTA is exempted from such complications. This tourist eTA is available to citizens of almost all nationalities. The only required documents that need to be shown are a valid passport and the aforementioned supporting documents.

Applying for children alongside while traveling:

No matter what their age is, children must have a tourist eTA for East Africa. You can apply for minors using the same portals that you use to apply for yourself. Although Kenya states that minors under the age of sixteen do not need a eTA, it should be noted that this only applies to the Kenyan eTA and not the East African Tourist eTA.

Additional tips while applying for the tourist eTA:

Following are some additional tips advised to applicants while traveling with an East African Tourist eTA:

  1. Use a credit card to avoid paying twice because the payment processes are slow and you might not get a confirmation the first time. Also, credit card providers typically have lenient return procedures.
  2. We advise calling the issuing authority using Google Voice because it is the least expensive alternative if you need to speak with them. However, using your mobile network to make a call would result in a high phone bill.
  3. Obtain a certificate beforehand for the Yellow Fever vaccination.
  4. Make sure your passport has at least a six-month validity period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All nations, including Americans, must follow the same procedures and meet the same conditions for eTA. Therefore, it is suggested that everyone obtain a eTA before taking off.

It is theoretically feasible to apply for and receive an East African tourist eTA upon arrival. It is not often issued at ports of entry, therefore it is not wise to count on receiving it when you arrive. For instance, Uganda doesn't provide arrival-only eTA.

The cost of a eTA is $100. The cost is displayed when you select your kind of eTA while applying through each country's portal.

Unfortunately, there is no way to extend the East Africa tourist eTA. Once you get back to your home country, you must submit an online application for a new entrance permit if you want to stay in Kenya, Rwanda, or Uganda for a longer period.

The application procedure iscompleted in minutes. Although approved eTA often come sooner, the processing time might last up to 6 business days.


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