Kenya eTA Application Form

Kenya is known as a top travel destination for travellers from all over the world. The Kenyan government issues electronic travel authorisations, known as eTA, to foreign nationals who want to visit Kenya. Before entering the country, every foreign visitor must obtain this travel permission. Kenyan authorities do not allow you to enter Kenya without an eTA. You are allowed to stay for a maximum period of three months, or 90 days.

Foreigners from all nations are eligible for eTAs and can apply for Kenyan electronic travel authorisation. A visa application used to be a tedious and lengthy process. The plus point of an eTA is that it eliminates the hassle of going through the lengthy process of obtaining visas. You can apply for the eTA easily from your home.

Applying for an eTA to Kenya:

The application procedure for a Kenya eTA is quite a simple process and involves a few simple steps. Follow the instructions to guarantee a smooth submission and processing of your eTA application. Log in to the eTA website and fill out the application now.

Kenyan eTA Types:

Kenyan authorities do not issue different types of eTAs. However, the documents required to be submitted by the applicants can vary according to their purposes of visit. Listed below are all the purposes for which an international traveller might visit the Republic of Kenya:

  • Tourism eTA
  • Business/Conference/Meeting eTA
  • Family visit eTA
  • Diplomatic travel eTA

As of January 2024, Kenya has introduced an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system, streamlining the entry process for various types of travellers. Here are short descriptions for the different types of Kenyan eTAs:

  • Tourism eTA: This eTA is designed for individuals travelling to Kenya for leisure, sightseeing, or vacation purposes. It allows tourists to enter and travel within Kenya for a specified period, enhancing the ease of visiting Kenya's attractions.
  • Business/Conference/Meeting eTA: This type of eTA is tailored for those travelling to Kenya for business-related activities. It covers trips made for business meetings, conferences, seminars, or any other professional gatherings. This eTA facilitates the entry of business travellers, contributing to Kenya's business and economic activities.
  • Family Visit eTA: Aimed at individuals visiting family members in Kenya, this eTA simplifies the process of entering Kenya for family reunions, visits, or other personal engagements with relatives living in the country.
  • Diplomatic Travel eTA: This eTA category is specific to diplomatic travellers. It is intended for individuals who are travelling to Kenya on official diplomatic or government business. This eTA streamlines the entry process for diplomats, ensuring smooth and efficient travel for governmental or diplomatic missions.

Submit eTA Application Online

The applicants for Kenya eTA should confirm their eligibility and see if they meet the requirements before starting the application. Prepare all the necessary paperwork and begin filling out the eTA application by completing and submitting it. The Kenya electronic travel authorisation application form can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. The application form resembles a straightforward questionnaire and begins by asking for basic information about you, such as your name, last name, nationality, residence, email address, etc.

Additionally, it requests details about your passport, intended travel dates, and security questions. You must fill out all relevant fields and attach a few supporting identification documents.

Kenya eTA application form

The online application for the Kenya eTA is reasonably practical. Anyone may apply at any time, any day. Nevertheless, you can obtain an eTA days before your trip if you want it on an urgent basis. Three straightforward steps can be used to complete the process. These are mentioned below:

  • Login to the website to obtain eTA.
  • Fill out an application form available online.
  • You can make payments for the eTA through online platforms. PayPal is considered to be the most convenient method. The fee is different depending on the type of service you want to opt for (like standard or quick processing of eTA).
  • Upload all the necessary documents, such as a passport-sized photograph (which should be recent). The application form will require you to attach scanned copies of your passports and the bookings for your hotels.

The system will examine the application for omissions and errors. You will receive a notification through email if there are any mistakes or missing details. Once these mistakes have been fixed, your eTA will be approved, and the same will be delivered right to your email address.

Requirements for the eligibility of eTA

  • A valid passport and travel documents with a validity of not less than six months.
  • One blank page in the passport
  • A complete application form
  • A return ticket must be present.
  • The fee for the processing of the application must be submitted on behalf of the applicant.

Note that all submitted documents should be available in PDF, JPG, or Microsoft Word.

Get your eTA by Email

You can receive your eTA through email. This document takes about three working days or faster (if you choose the premium eTA processing service).

Track your Kenyan eTA online

You may now quickly track your eTA status with the aid of online tracking services:

  • Enter your document number, date of birth and reference number to check your Kenyan eTA status after applying
  • You can use your passport number if you do not have the reference number
  • You can also use your passport details if you do not have the application reference

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Kenya eTA Application Form is an online document that facilitates the electronic application process for a Kenyan Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). It streamlines the process for international travellers seeking to visit Kenya, allowing them to submit their application and receive authorization electronically.

Eligibility for a Kenyan eTA generally depends on the applicant's nationality. Most travellers from countries that are not visa-exempt for Kenya can apply for an eTA. It is advisable to check the official Kenyan immigration website or consult with their local Kenyan embassy to confirm eligibility.

There are several types of Kenyan eTAs, each catering to different travel needs. These include eTAs for tourism, business, transit, and short-term visits. Each category has specific requirements and conditions, so applicants should select the one that best matches their travel purpose.

Applicants for a Kenyan eTA need to provide various documents and information. This typically includes a valid passport, a digital photo, travel itinerary details, and sometimes additional documents depending on the eTA type, such as business letters for a business eTA. All information must be entered accurately to avoid delays.

Submitting a Kenya eTA application online involves filling out the eTA form on the official Kenyan eTA website, uploading necessary documents, and paying the application fee. The process is user-friendly and can be completed in a few steps, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

Once an eTA application is approved, the applicant receives the eTA via email. It is essential to provide a valid email address during the application process to ensure receipt of the eTA. Applicants should print and carry the eTA with them during their travel to Kenya.

Yes, applicants can track the status of their Kenyan eTA application online through the official Kenyan eTA portal. This feature allows applicants to stay updated on their application status and plan their travel accordingly.

Yes, the Kenyan eTA is electronically linked to the applicant's passport. The applicant must travel with the passport used during the eTA application, as the eTA is not transferable to other passports.

If a Kenyan eTA application is denied, the applicant may seek further information from the Kenyan immigration authorities. Depending on the reason for denial, the applicant may reapply or consider applying for a traditional visa through the Kenyan embassy.

The validity of a Kenyan eTA varies depending on the type, but it generally allows for a short-term stay. Extensions are possible but require applying through the Kenyan immigration authorities. It's advisable to check the specific eTA validity and extension policies during the application process.



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