Kenya Visa Application Form

Kenya is known as a top travel destination by travellers from all over the world. The Kenyan government issues electronic travel authorisations, known as e-visas, to foreign nationals who want to visit Kenya. Before entering the country, every foreign visitor must obtain this travel permission. Kenyan authorities do not allow you to enter Kenya without a visa. You are allowed to stay for a maximum time period of three months or 90 days.

Foreigners from 160 nations eligible for visas can apply for a Kenyan electronic visa. A visa application used to be a tedious and lengthy process. The plus point of an electronic visa is that it eliminates the hassle of visiting the embassy or consulate personally. You can apply for the visa easily from your home.

Applying for a Visa to Kenya:

The application procedure for a Kenya visa is quite a simple process and involves a few simple steps. Follow the instructions to guarantee a smooth submission and processing of your visa application. Log in to the eVisa website and fill out the application to obtain the Visa.

Kenyan eVisa Types:

Kenyan authorities have different types of electronic visas. It depends on the purpose of your travel. The options available are as follows:

Transit eVisa: A transit visa in Kenya is a one-way travel authorization given to passengers who arrive in Kenya on a subsequent flight to another nation and want to exit the airport while still in Kenya. You can only stay in Kenya for up to 72 hours on a transit visa.

Kenya Single Entry Visa: Visitors who only need to enter the nation once are issued Single-Entry Visas by Kenya. The Single-Entry Visa is valid for travel and movement inside Kenya for three months after the date of issuance. The authorities can grant an extra 90 days on a visa.

Kenya Multiple Entry Visa: If you are travelling to Kenya and are planning on multiple entries to the country, then a multiple entry visa is the wisest option for you. Kenyan authorities issue this visa for travelling, business meetings, or other purposes. Its validity lasts from three to twelve months.

Kenya 5years Multiple Entry Visa: This visa is specifically designed for Americans who plan to visit or conduct business in Kenya for an extended period. The validity of the visa is five years. You must display the immigration authorities of your visa when entering Kenya.

Kenya Courtesy Visa: If you are travelling to Kenya on an official mission from your country and possess a diplomatic, or official passport, then the courtesy visa is the correct visa for you. The visa fee solely consists of service fees.

Submit eVisa Application Online:

The applicants for Kenya visas should confirm their eligibility and see if they meet the requirements before starting the application. Prepare all the necessary paperwork and begin filling out the visa application by completing and submitting it. The Kenya electronic visa application form can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. The application form resembles a straightforward questionnaire and begins by asking for basic information about you, such as your name, last name, nationality, residence, email address, etc.

Additionally, it requests details about your passport, intended travel dates, and security questions. You must fill out all relevant fields and attach a few supporting identification documents.

Kenya e-Visa application form:

Online application for the Kenya eVisa is reasonably practical. Anyone may apply at any time, any day. You can obtain an eVisa seven days before your trip if you want an urgent visa. Nevertheless, getting the visa at least two weeks before departure is advisable. Three straightforward steps can be used to complete the process. These are mentioned below:

  • Login to the website to obtain e-Visa.
  • Fill out an application form available online.
  • You can make payment for the visa through online platforms. PayPal is considered to be the most convenient method. The fee is different depending on the country, and you're the type of visa you want.
  • Upload all the necessary documents, such as a Passport sized photograph (should be recent ones). The application form will require you to attach scanned copies of your passports and the bookings of your hotels.

The system will examine the application for omissions and errors. You will receive a notification through email if there are any mistakes or missing details. Once these mistakes have been fixed, your visa is approved, and the visa is delivered right to your email address.

Requirements for the eligibility of Visa:

  • A valid passport and travel documents with a validity of not less than six months.
  • A complete application form
  • A passport must have at least three blank pages for stamps from the authorities.
  • A return ticket must be present.
  • The Fee for the processing of the application must be submitted on behalf of the applicant.

Note that all submitted documents should be available in PDF, JPG, or Microsoft Word.

Get your eVisa by Email:

You can receive your eVisa through email. This visa takes about seventy-two (72) hours or a time period of two to three days to process and accept the visa.

Track your Kenyan Visa online:

You may now quickly track your visa status with the aid of online tracking services for tourist visas.

  • Fill out the application ID After submitting the online application form, you will obtain an application ID.
  • Your passport has your passport ID and passport no. You must input your passport information.
  • You can check the status of your visa online by entering this information. You can download the visa as soon as it has been approved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Kenyan Visa cost depends on the visa type and the urgency of the application. If you need it urgently, you must pay an extra fee.

Applications can be submitted 3 to 5 days before the intended departure date for Kenya. Immigration advises giving yourself a few more days just in case of application problems.

Kenyan suspends arrival visas and advises travellers to apply beforehand to Kenya to make a smooth process of travelling.

No refunds are available for the Kenyan E-Visa cost after submission, whether the application is accepted or rejected.

Kenya has certain risky areas. For their safety, travellers must get their vaccination. The Kenyan government requires vaccination against Yellow Fever if the origin country is at risk.


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