Kenya Transit eTA

Travellers who need to change flights through Kenya and are due to board a flight within three days or 72 hours can apply for an electronic transit authorisation. It is important to note that the traveller must leave the airport if they are arriving with a transit eTA.

Kenyan transit eTA is only allowed for foreigners. They must obtain it before travelling to Kenya and make sure they leave the country within 72 hours by boarding their connecting flight. In this regard, there are several conditions to meet and documents to produce before receiving a transit eTA. On this page, you will understand all these requirements and everything you need to know about the Kenya transit eTA.

Kenya Transit eTA Important Details

The Kenyan transit eTA allows visitors to indulge in sightseeing to spend their time productively instead of staying within the airport transit lounge. Kenya is one of the few countries where travellers can visit local sites before boarding their connecting flight. The transit eTA to Kenya allows them to enjoy the rich culture, cuisine, and pleasant environment of Kenya, a country boasting vast natural beauty.

It is worth noting that the eTA allows travellers to stay for a maximum of 72 hours. If you do not obtain this eTA, you will have to spend time in the airport's transit lounge until the time of your flight to the next destination.

A Kenya transit eTA is a single-entry travel permit. It can be obtained online, but it is only offered to people travelling from Kenya to another country who wish to leave the airport premises.

Who Needs a Kenya Transit eTA?

Anyone wishing to cross Kenya's border has to obtain a transit eTA. In this regard, the government of Kenya has set pre-defined eligibility criteria, which every traveller must meet to receive a transit eTA. The most important rule is to be a citizen of an eTA-eligible country.

Please note that a Kenya transit eTA isn't allowed to seek employment in the country or engage in financial investment. For this purpose, you will need a business or work eTA. If you have a connecting flight that does not require you to wait for long and leave the airport, you don't need a transit eTA to board the flight

Transit eTA Requirements

  1. A valid travel document (passport) with a minimum of 6 months of eligibility left after arriving in Kenya.
  2. An onward/round trip ticket.
  3. Financial means to pay for the transit eTA.
  4. Passport-sized photo or a selfie
  5. Contact information like email address and phone number
  6. Arrival and departure details
  7. Accommodation booking confirmation
  8. Any valid payment means like credit card, debit card or Apply Pay

Transit eTA Cost

The transit eTA costs USD 30. The charges do not include card handling fees and surcharges for all payment cards, including debit, credit cards, MasterCard and VISA.

Remember that if you want to spend more than three days in Kenya, you will need a tourist eTA as transit eTA is not valid beyond 72 hours.

Documents Required for Transit eTA

While submitting the transit eTA application, travellers must attach some documents to support their application. The approved file formats for digital documents are JPG, PDF, and Microsoft Word.

  1. A clear scan of the passport biography page
  2. Clear and recent passport-size photograph
  3. Proof of onward ticket

Points to Note Regarding Photograph

  1. Never upload a scanned image of your photograph from your passport.
  2. The photo must not be more than six months old.
  3. It must depict your present appearance.
  4. The photo should be coloured and taken against a full-white background
  5. Your full facial view should be present, with neutral expressions
  6. Please do not wear a headscarf unless it is a religious obligation.
  7. Do not upload a photo in uniform. Use casual attire.
  8. Avoid wearing a hat or sunglasses in the photo.
  9. Your hairline and hair must be evident from the photo.
  10. Spectacles with tinted lenses are unacceptable unless worn for medical reasons. If these are prescription specs, please provide a medical certificate.

International Airports in Kenya

Foreigners can fly into Kenya via any of the following airports:

  1. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi
  2. Moi International Airport in Mombassa

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi is the primary entry port for most international flights. It is located in the suburbs of Embakasi suburb and facilitates flights to more than 50 countries. This is where a majority of transit passengers also arrive. They can leave the airport if their flight is within the next 2 or 3 days if they have obtained a transit visa. To enjoy your trip to Kenya, please book a hotel before arriving and rent a car to avoid unnecessary hassles.

Is it possible to obtain Kenya eTA on Arrival?

Kenya has discontinued the visa-on-arrival and eTA-on-arrival facilities for foreigners. Every visitor arriving in Kenya must obtain a transit eTA if their stay is less than 3 days, or else they should apply for a tourist eTA. Kenya scrapped the e-visa policy in January 2024 and the visa-on-arrival service in 2020.


The Kenya Transit eTA is an electronic transit authorisation for travellers who need to change flights in Kenya and will be in the country for up to 72 hours.

Foreigners wishing to cross Kenya's border on a connecting flight and leave the airport premises require a Kenya Transit eTA. This applies to all travellers above the age of sixteen.

Travelers can stay in Kenya for a maximum of 72 hours with a Transit eTA.

Yes, travellers with a Transit eTA must leave the airport and are allowed to indulge in sightseeing.

Requirements include a valid passport, onward ticket, financial means, contact information, accommodation booking, and valid payment means.

The transit eTA costs USD 30, excluding card handling fees and surcharges.

Required documents include a scan of the passport biography page, a recent passport-size photograph, and proof of an onward ticket.

Yes, the photo must be recent, coloured, taken against a white background, showing a full facial view, and without headgear or sunglasses, unless for religious reasons.

If you stay more than 72 hours, you must apply for a tourist eTA, as the transit eTA is not valid beyond this period.



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