Requirements for Kenya eTA

Kenya's government started its electronic travel authorisation service (eTA) on January 1, 2024. The new system was launched to help eligible travellers from different countries visit without the hassles of traditional visa processes. Kenyan eTA is for travellers from around the world wishing to enter Kenya for tourism, business, medical treatment, courtesy purposes, and meeting family members. The process is very straightforward and fast-paced. It just takes less than fifteen minutes to complete the application process. The best thing is that there's no involvement in visiting the Kenyan embassy/consulate, printing documents, and searching for banks to pay eTA fees.

However, since this system is a relatively new offering, many travellers are unaware of the process of applying for the eTA and its salient requirements. That's why it is necessary to understand the requirements. You will find all the information about Kenya's eTA requirements on this page.

Points to Note

  • An electronic travel authorisation (eTA) is issued to people intending to travel to Kenya, belonging to all nationalities.
  • eTA is generally issued for tourism, business, medical, and family visits.
  • An eTA allows travellers to arrive in Kenya from any of the ten designated airports, eleven border crossings, and ten seaports.
  • Please take yellow fever and other vaccination certificates along when travelling to Kenya.

Kenya eTA Requirements for Travelers

  • Every traveller, including children and minors, should hold a valid passport.
  • The passport must have at least 6 months of validity and a minimum of one blank page.
  • The passport's validity will be calculated after the traveller enters the Republic of Kenya.
  • When applying for the eTA, the traveller must provide their arrival and departure dates.
  • Booking confirmation information is also necessary. In this regard, please provide details of at least a one-night stay at your choice of hotel or resort.
  • Travellers must provide a detailed travel itinerary or schedule in the application form.
  • If you intend to stay at your relative's or friend's place, you will produce an invitation letter from your host as well as complete details about the host. If your employer offers accommodation, a letter of invitation will still be required.
  • Travel insurance is important to obtain before travelling to Kenya.

Documents Required for Kenya eTA

Please note that every traveller will separately apply for an eTA and upload the required set of documents in PDF, JPEG, or Word format. Scanned images of the documents should be uploaded when applying for the eTA. Here is a list of documents required to apply for a Kenya eTA.

  • Passport information.

    Passport bio page
  • A selfie or a photo (include selfie or photo screenshot instead of a passport) A scanned image of a recently taken colour, passport-sized photograph. The size of the photograph should be 35 mm x 45 mm. It must be taken against a plain white background with a full front view.

    passport sized photograph
  • Contact information
  • Trip information
  • General information
  • Customs declaration
  • Health declaration
  • Insurance information

Some additional documents may be needed for various visit purposes

Documents Required For Transit:

  • You will need a return or onward ticket to your desired destination. If you are transiting to a third country via Kenya, you must possess a Boarding Pass.

Documents Required For Tourist:

  • Evidence of hotel booking confirmation and full travel schedule.
Hotel Booking

Documents Required for a Business eTA:

1. The traveller will upload an invitation letter from the employer/company/organization. It should specify the purpose of business-related travel.

invitation letter

2. Copies of the company's registration documents.

company's registration document

3. The staff ID and Kenyan ID of the person countersigning the invitation letter..

staff ID and Kenyan ID

Documents Required For Family eTA:

  • The traveller will provide copies of invitation letters from their host family residing in Kenya.
  • The host's passport/ID card/Alien Card/Entry permit.

Documents Required For Medical eTA:

  • The hospital or doctor's referral letter specifying that the traveler requires treatment abroad.
  • Receiving a doctor or hospital's letter specifying that the traveler will get treatment at their facility.

Documents Required for Attending Conferences/ Exhibitions/ Meetings/ Seminars in Kenya:

1. An invitation/participation letter from the host in Kenya.

invitation letter

2. Company Registration Certificate copy.

company Registration Certificate

Documents Required for a Kenya Diplomatic eTA

Type of Passport Required:

  • Diplomatic Passport
  • Official Passport
  • Service Passport

Necessary Documentation:

An official letter from::

  • The Country of Origin
  • The relevant Organisation
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its equivalent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All visitors, including infants and children, who intend to travel to Kenya need an approved eTA, except for certain exempt categories. These exemptions include holders of valid Kenyan passports, Kenya Permanent Residence, or valid work permits, as well as members of diplomatic missions and international organisations accredited to Kenya. Also, citizens of East African partner states are exempt for six months.

Applicants must have a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months beyond their planned arrival date in Kenya and at least one blank page. They should also have a selfie or passport-type photo, contact information, details of their itinerary, including arrival and departure, accommodation booking confirmations, and a means of payment like a credit or debit card.

Depending on the country of residence and travel history, additional documents may be required, such as financial asset proofs, return transportation bookings, yellow fever certificates, or other vaccination/test result certificates. For specific purposes like business, family, or diplomatic visits, additional documents like invitation letters, company registration copies, or official letters from the country of origin may be needed.

The standard processing time for an eTA is approximately three working days. However, processing time can vary based on the type of eTA and the applicant's country of citizenship. For those needing faster processing, a premium service is available that may offer expedited processing, though this may involve additional costs and assistance by officers.

Travellers who fall into the exempt categories should carry relevant documents proving their exemption status. This may include a valid Kenyan passport, work permit, diplomatic identity, or documentation for members of international organisations. It's important to carry these documents to avoid any inconvenience during travel.



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