Requirements for Kenya Visa

Kenya's Ministry of Interior launched its electronic visa (e-visa) service in 2015. The new visa system was launched to help eligible travelers from countries entitled to apply for a Kenya e-visa can apply online. Electronic visas make obtaining a visa convenient for travelers from around the world wishing to enter Kenya for tourism, business, medical treatment, courtesy purposes, and meeting family members. The process is very straightforward and fast-paced. It just takes less than fifteen minutes to complete the application process. And the best thing is that there's no involvement in visiting the Kenyan embassy/consulate, printing documents, and searching for banks to pay visa fees.

However, since this system is a relatively new offering, many travelers are unaware of the process of applying for the e-visa and what are its salient requirements. It is important to note that the requirements for Kenya e-visa vary per visa type and category. That's why it is necessary to understand the requirements. You will get all the information about Kenya visa requirements on this page.

Points to Note

  • An electronic visa is issued to people intending to travel to Kenya and belonging to nationalities that are eligible to apply for the visa.
  • E-visa is generally issued for tourism, business, medical, and family visits.
  • A courtesy entry visa is only offered to individuals holding a diplomatic or services passport and needing to enter Kenya on official duty or some government-sponsored activities.
  • Transit passengers need to obtain an e-visa if they intend to stay within the airport's premises in Kenya while waiting for their connecting flight to another destination.
  • An e-visa allows travelers to arrive in Kenya from any of the ten designated airports, eleven border crossings, and ten seaports.
  • Please take Yellow fever & Over Polio Vacation Card along when traveling to Kenya.

Kenya e-Visa Requirements for Travelers:

  • Every traveler, including children and minors, should hold a valid passport.
  • The passport must have at least 6 months of validity and a minimum of two blank pages.
  • The passport's will be calculated after the traveler enters the Republic of Kenya.
  • When applying for the e-visa, the traveler must provide their arrival and departure dates.
  • Booking confirmation information is also necessary. In this regard, please provide details of at least a one-night stay in your choice of hotel or resort.
  • Travelers must provide a detailed travel itinerary or schedule in the application form.
  • If you intend to stay at your relative or friend's place, you will produce an invitation letter from your host as well as complete details of the host. If your employer offers accommodation, a letter of invitation will still be required.
  • Travel insurance is important to obtain before traveling to Kenya.

Documents Required for Kenya e-Visa.

Please note that every traveler will separately apply for an e-visa and upload the required set of documents in PDF, JPEG, or Word format. Scanned images of the documents should be uploaded when applying for the visa. Here is a list of documents required to apply for a Kenya e-visa.

  • A Bio page of a valid passport or alternative travel document.

    Passport bio page
  • A scanned image of the front page cover

    front page cover
  • A scanned image of a recently taken color, passport-sized photograph. The size of the photograph should be 35mmx45mm. It must be taken against a plain white background with a full front view.

    passport sized photograph

Some additional documents may be needed as per the visa type.

Documents Required For Transit Visa:

  • You will need a return or onward ticket to your desired destination. If you are transiting to a third country via Kenya, you must possess a Boarding Pass.

Documents Required For Tourist Visa:

  • Evidence of hotel booking confirmation and full travel schedule.
Hotel Booking

Documents Required For Business Visa:

1. The traveler will upload an invitation letter from the employer/company/organization. It should specify the purpose of business-related travel.

invitation letter

2. Copies of the company's registration documents.

company's registration document

3. The staff ID and Kenyan ID of the person countersigning the invitation letter..

staff ID and Kenyan ID

In-case business travelers want to apply for a multiple-entry Kenya e-visa:

  • They will upload scanned images of the application letter for the visa and the company letter.
  • They will also require copies of visas issued to the individual within the last one year.

Documents Required For Family Visa:

  • The traveler will provide copies of invitation letters from their host family residing in Kenya.
  • The host's passport/ID card/Alien Card/Entry permit.
  • Applicant letter requesting the visa.
  • Company letter (if applying for a multiple-entry visa).
  • Company Registration Certificate's copy and copy of visas issued within the last year (for those applying for a multiple-entry visa).

Documents Required For Medical Visa:

  • The hospital or doctor's referral letter specifying that the traveler requires treatment abroad.
  • Receiving a doctor or hospital's letter specifying that the traveler will get treatment at their facility.

Documents Required for Attending Conferences/ Exhibitions/ Meetings/ Seminars in Kenya:

1. An invitation letter from the host in Kenya.

invitation letter

2. Company Registration Certificate copy.

company Registration Certificate

3. Staff ID and Kenyan ID of the person countersigning the invitation letter.

Staff ID and Kenyan ID

4. Applicant letter for visa or company letter and copy of visas issued within the last one year if applying for a multiple-entry visa.

Documents Required For Kenya Courtesy Visa:

  • A valid passport or another travel document with at least six months remaining in its expiration.
  • A diplomatic/service/official passport.
  • An official letter issued by the organization of the country of origin explaining the purpose of their visit.
  • An onward or round-trip ticket.
  • A boarding pass if transiting to another country via Kenya.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is important to note that any gear that can hide or alter your appearance is prohibited from submission for a visa application. Unless it is a religious obligation, you should avoid uploading a photo wearing a cap, scarf, etc. Remember that the hairline should be visible in the photo.

The tourist visa to Kenya is a single-entry travel permit issued to travelers from eligible countries. This means people from countries are do not enjoy visa exemption should apply for the visa. It is valid for a maximum duration of 90 days, and the traveler can stay for a maximum duration of 90 days as well.

Yes, indeed. The Kenya electronic visa is extendable for at least three months and a maximum duration of six months. The process of extension is straightforward. However, it is worth noting that you can apply for a visa extension while staying in the country and before your current, valid visa expires.

A transit visa is issued to travelers who need to board a connecting flight. This visa is valid for a maximum duration of 72 hours. Please ensure you have an onward ticket and boarding pass for your next destination after arriving in Kenya.


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