Kenya 5-Year Multiple entry eTA

Are you thinking about visiting Kenya? You must apply for a eTA online if you intend to travel to Kenya. Learn how we may assist you in getting your eTA completed more quickly. The 5 years multiple entry eTA will be your best bet if you intend to stay in Kenya for an extended period. We will walk you through the instructions so that you can get your eTA and assess whether you are qualified to apply for a five-year multiple-entry eTA to Kenya. Based on the reason for your visit, you can complete the Kenya multiple entry eTA application forms to get your eTA.

Who Needs A 5 Year Multiple-Entry eTA For Kenya?

This long-term eTA permit is given out to US citizens who need a eTA to enter Kenya for either business or tourism. The Republic of Kenya has begun issuing 5-year multiple-entry eTA as of September 22, 2015, and is now accepting applications from Americans seeking short-term, 5-year business or tourism eTA. To be processed at the Immigration headquarters in Nairobi, this long-term business eTA for five years and tourist eTA are routed through the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Washington, DC.

You may get your documents accepted while the manual eTA application process is still in progress by applying for a Kenya eTA. This eTA is still valid for a single entrance eTA, but it is now valid for two additional multiple-entry eTA with validity periods of one year or five years.

Documents Required:

The following documents must be submitted by the applicants when they apply for the 5-year multiple-entry eTA. When requesting a Kenyan eTA online using the website, a few conditions must be included. Only PDF, JPG, or MS Word file types is permitted as attachments. Different documentation is required depending on the applicant’s nature/purpose of trips. The compulsory documents are as follows:

  • Proof of the applicant's nationality, such as a valid passport or another travel document. This passport should still have a few blank pages and be useful for the following six months.
  • A return ticket needs to be on hand when applying. It should be easy to see the date on the return ticket.

Specific Requirements:

Requirements for Business eTA:

  • A letter invites the applicant to Kenya for business visits and requests a Kenyan eTA.
  • A duplicate of the company's invitation's original registration certificate.

Requirements for Family eTA:

  • A letter of invitation from the applicant's family in Kenya is necessary if they visit.
  • It will be necessary to provide an identification document for the host in Kenya. A passport or identity card can be used as this document. It will also do to present an alien card or the host's admission permit.

Requirements for Tourist eTA:

  • There will need to be a complete travel schedule. The destinations the applicant intends to visit, as well as the dates of travel, must be expressly stated.
  • Hotel and other reservation confirmations must be produced.

Additional Requirements:

  • Your passport's front and last pages contain your biographical information, including a photo of the size of a passport and other personal information. If the previous page of your access does not include information on your nationality, you can affix the first page of your biodata.
  • If your permanent residency and nationality are not the same, this eTA requirement does not apply to you. You will need to present proof of living in this situation, such as your reservations, or submit your resident eTA with your passport.
  • Any legal requirement for passport-sized photos must specify that they are recent—within three months—and taken on a white backdrop.


  • After the date of issuance, this eTA is valid for five years.
  • Immigration officials at the time of entry should see your eTA printout.

Cost of Kenya Multiple entry eTA:

The fee for a Kenya 5-Year Multiple entry eTA varies based on factors such as visa type and purpose of travel. To find out the specific Kenya eTA fee applicable to your situation, you can visit the Kenya eTA fee page for detailed information.

Kenya 5-Year Multiple entry eTA Sample

Kenya 5-Year Multiple entry eTA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Everyone who is traveling to Kenya must have a printed eTA with them. An email is issued as soon as the eTA is approved, confirming it. There is a link there where you may download and print the eTA. So that it can be turned in at the passport check after arriving in Kenya; keep it with the passport.

Children up to and including 15 years of age are exempt from eTA requirements. They must, however, have their passport, valid for at least another six months after the date of arrival. Everybody older than 16 years old must get a eTA to enter Kenya.

Yes. The passport and passport number used to apply for the Kenyan eTA is inextricably tied to the eTA. It is necessary to apply for a new eTA whenever a new passport is used.

Your application cannot be canceled after it has been processed. Applications are typically accepted within 5 minutes of the money being transferred and clicking on the Submit button.

No. The requested service is finished once the eTA application has been processed. It can no longer be canceled or refunded. Even if the eTA is rejected, the eTA fees will not be refunded as it is non-refundable. Please carefully read out the terms and conditions before sending the eTA application.

You can go to Kenya once your eTA has been approved. A maximum of 60 days following the date you enter as your anticipated arrival date on the application allows travel to Kenya. You must apply for a new eTA if your plans change significantly beyond that.



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