Conditions for Visa-Free Entry Into Kenya

Kenya has officially implemented a visa-free entry system for international visitors, marking a significant move to simplify and enhance the entry process for travellers. This new system aims to facilitate seamless entry and encourage tourism in the country.

Visa Free Entry Into Kenya

New Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) Introduced

Kenya has unveiled a new Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system, replacing traditional entry visas. This innovative system streamlines the application process, requiring travellers to obtain an ETA online in advance for a seamless entry into the country.

  • Replaces Entry Visas: Under the new visa waiver scheme, international tourists are now required to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) instead of traditional visas for entry and travel within Kenya.
  • Online Application Mandatory: Travellers must complete the ETA application form through the official Kenyan government's e-visa website, introducing a streamlined online process for greater convenience.
  • Required in Advance: To ensure a smooth airport arrival and entry into Kenya, it is mandatory to secure ETA approval in advance, making advanced planning an essential part of the travel process.
  • Presented on Arrival: Travellers need to present either a printed or mobile confirmation of the valid ETA authorization to immigration officials upon arrival in Kenya, facilitating a hassle-free entry.
  • Permits Entry: The ETA serves as the entry permit, allowing tourists admission into the country without the need for a traditional tourist visa, marking a significant shift in the entry requirements for international visitors.

Airlines Must Not Permit Passengers Without a Valid ETA to Travel

Airlines are now mandated to enforce the requirement for a valid Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for all passengers travelling to Kenya, ensuring strict adherence to the country's new entry system. The implementation emphasises the significance of obtaining an ETA before boarding to streamline the arrival process.

  • Airlines Obligated to Check: Kenyan government regulations stipulate air carriers must validate all passengers have a genuine approved ETA before allowing boarding.
  • Must Authenticate ETA: Staff must carefully check and confirm the ETA presented by tourists matches the traveller's passport details for authentication.
  • Deny Boarding Without Valid ETA: Any international arrival passengers found without accurate ETA approval matching their passport should be denied boarding.
  • Avoid Inadmissible Arrival: This precaution by airlines prevents tourist disembarkation and attempted entry on fake or absent ETA documents.
  • Prevent Rejection and Return: Upfront verification minimises inadmissible visitors which require immediate repatriation on the next available return flight.

Possessing an ETA Does Not Guarantee Admission into the Nation

While obtaining an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is a mandatory step for entry into Kenya, it is essential to note that possessing an ETA does not automatically ensure admission into the nation. Travellers must comply with all relevant immigration requirements for a successful entry.

  • ETA Does Not Guarantee Entry: Although required, merely holding an approved Kenyan ETA permit does not definitively assure admission into the country on arrival.
  • Rules Still Apply: Standard immigration regulations and restrictions remain applicable to all visitors attempting to enter Kenya.
  • Authorities Can Refuse Arrivals: Border agencies and officers reserve the right to deny anyone entry for violations of laws regarding customs procedures, restricted goods, undeclared items, and other provisions.
  • Screening Still Conducted: Additional arrival checks for temperature, COVID-19 vaccination or testing documentation may also prevent entry of unqualified travellers.
  • Approved ETA Can Be Rejected: Ultimately the decision for allowing tourists holding otherwise valid ETAs rests with immigration authorities assessing the prevailing regulations.


Do I still need a visa to visit Kenya?

 No, Kenya has introduced a visa waiver program open to all nationalities. Tourist visas are no longer required.

What should I obtain instead to enter Kenya?

 You must apply for an electronic travel authorization (ETA) permit with a $30 fee.

Where does one apply for the Kenya ETA?

 Applications must be submitted through the Kenyan e-visa website:

When should one apply for the ETA before travel?

 It is recommended to complete your ETA application at least 7 days prior to departure.

Can I get the ETA on arrival at immigration control?

 No, holding a valid approved ETA before travelling is mandatory.

How long can I visit Kenya with the ETA?

 The ETA allows up to a 90 day stay for tourism or business purposes.

To obtain a Kenya eVisa

  • Step1: Complete the online application by providing your passport details.

  • Step2: Submit payment online using a credit card.

  • Step3: Monitor your email for confirmation of payment and receipt of your eVisa, which will be sent electronically.

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