Suggestions for Kenyan Coast Travel Destinations

Suggestions for Kenyan Coast Travel Destinations

The Kenyan coast boasts vast, unspoiled beaches that are not overcrowded, clear blue water that is perfect for swimming, and occasional vendors selling refreshing coconuts. The area is also known for traditional shows that sail gracefully by. Whether you want to relax after a safari adventure or enjoy water activities such as kitesurfing, snorkelling, or scuba diving, this coastal paradise is an ideal getaway.




Step back in time and explore the historical Lamu Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Discover the serene and unspoiled beauty of Kilifi Creek, perfect for relaxation.

Diani Beach

Relax on pristine white sand, explore the vibrant town, and enjoy watersports activities.


Experience a unique blend of cultures, from Italian cuisine to historical sites and the scenic Marafa Depression.


Embark on aquatic adventures like kitesurfing and diving, surrounded by beautiful beaches and lush forests.


Immerse yourself in Mombasa's vibrant coastal hub, offering historical sites, beautiful beaches, and a modern atmosphere.

Captivating Lamu: Kenya's Timeless Historical Treasure

Nestled along Kenya's warm northern coastline, the Lamu archipelago harbours a captivating glimpse into history - Lamu Old Town. With a history spanning over 700 years, this enclave stands as East Africa's oldest and most impeccably preserved Swahili settlement, influenced by Arabian, Persian, Indian, and European cultures. Once a bustling Indian Ocean trade centre, Lamu still echoes with the echoes of its past, its narrow lanes flanked by ancient coral structures and traversed by donkeys and traditional dhow sailboats. Meandering through its atmospheric streets reveals hidden courtyards and exquisite wood carvings, a testament to Lamu's diverse heritage. Whether immersing oneself in the tranquillity of stone mosques, exploring the charming shops of Shela village, or simply basking in the timeless allure of Old Town's UNESCO World Heritage Site status, Lamu continues to weave its enchanting spell on visitors.

Discovering Kilifi: Kenya's Coastal Treasure 

Embarking on a scenic two-hour drive along Kenya's palm-fringed coastline from Mombasa reveals the pristine beauty of Kilifi Creek. This expansive azure estuary gracefully merges with the Indian Ocean, exuding serenity and natural splendour. Crossing the iconic Kilifi Bridge, one may catch glimpses of sailing boats gliding across the tranquil tidal waters or picturesque villas dotting the shoreline, yet commercial development remains remarkably untouched. While similar destinations in other parts of the world have succumbed to mass tourism, Kilifi's unspoiled charm endures. With its limited local eateries, serene sunset dhow cruises, and tranquil ambience, Kilifi offers a secluded haven dedicated to peaceful relaxation. Kilifi stands as an undiscovered gem for travellers seeking an escape from Kenya's bustling cities to bask in coastal tranquillity.

Experiencing Diani Beach: Kenya's Coastal Paradise

Extending 25 kilometresalong Kenya's southern shoreline, Diani Beach enthrals visitors with its expansive stretches of pristine white sand gently caressed by the sparkling Indian Ocean waves. As one of the region's more developed coastal towns, Diani offers a plethora of amenities, including charming cafes, eclectic shops, inviting restaurants, and vibrant bars nestled amidst swaying palm trees.

Various activities await, from leisurely horseback rides along the shoreline to exhilarating kite-surfing excursions and guided tours of the sacred Kaya Forest. Forty Thieves Beach Bar attracts lively crowds among the area's popular establishments with its sunset celebrations and delectable wood-fired pizzas. At the same time, Ali Barbour provides a romantic setting for candlelit dinners within a cave beneath the starlit sky. As the sun sets, casting a golden hue over Diani's palms and illuminating lanterns lining the beach, it becomes evident that Diani Beach stands alone as a tropical coastal haven unlike any other.

Malindi: A Fusion of Cultures on Kenya's Swahili Coast

Nestled along Kenya's Swahili Coast, Malindi stands out as a vibrant blend of cultures, earning the affectionate title of "Kenya's Little Italy" due to its sizable Italian expatriate community. Beyond the charming ambience of its historic quarter, Malindi boasts a profusion of pizzerias and gelaterias dotting the sun-kissed shoreline, offering visitors a taste of the Mediterranean amid the African landscape. However, Malindi's culinary allure extends beyond Italian cuisine, with its abundance of fresh seafood delights best enjoyed against the backdrop of the expansive Indian Ocean. 

The town also boasts classic coastal living attractions, including soft sandy beaches and upscale resorts catering to travellers seeking relaxation and luxury. For those seeking adventure, a northwest journey leads to the remarkable sandstone formations of the Marafa Depression, known locally as Hell's Kitchen, providing an intriguing backdrop for exploration. Whether indulging in diverse culinary experiences, meandering through the labyrinthine lanes of the old town, or marvelling at the unique landscapes of Marafa, Malindi promises a tapestry of delights waiting to be discovered at every corner.

Watamu: Kenya's Aquatic Adventure Haven

Located along Kenya's picturesque coastline, the tranquil beach town of Watamu beckons to enthusiasts of marine adventures, offering a vibrant playground where the ocean's wonders and the land's beauty converge. Soft sandy shores seamlessly transition into verdant coastal forests, leading to a rich reef ecosystem with marine life, including sea turtles, colourful tropical fish, and occasional sightings of majestic whale sharks. Watamu has garnered acclaim as a premier destination for kitesurfing, with Tribe Watersports standing out as one of Kenya's leading kite schools, providing expert guidance for navigating the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Additionally, the town boasts renowned dive sites adorned with stunning coral formations and captivating underwater treasures. Amidst lush groves set back from the shoreline, unique accommodations like Watamu Treehouse offer a retreat for visitors seeking an unforgettable experience. For those captivated by the enchanting blend of jungle wilderness and vibrant coral gardens, Watamu stands as Kenya's ultimate destination for aquatic adventures.

Mombasa: Kenya's Vibrant Coastal Hub

As Kenya's largest coastal city, Mombasa boasts a dynamic blend of modern amenities, historical sites, and beachfront allure, making it the perfect getaway for exploring the Kenyan coast. Despite its role as a bustling commercial port, Mombasa retains its charm with its Old Town exuding an ambience enriched by centuries of trade and cultural exchange, evident in its spice-infused air and architectural diversity influenced by Portuguese, Arab, and British heritage. 

Along its coastline, Mombasa offers pristine beaches and chic beach bars, providing opportunities for relaxation and indulgence. Landmarks like Fort Jesus and ornate mosques highlight the city's rich historical and cultural tapestry. With the recent addition of a state-of-the-art mega yacht marina, Mombasa continues to evolve while preserving its cosmopolitan character. While some travellers prefer quieter beach retreats nearby, Mombasa remains a vibrant focal point for experiencing the essence of Kenya's coastal allure.

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